Reporting on Time to First Agent Reply via Call

Scenario: I want to report on the time to first reply to a ticket. Some replies are made via email, some phone calls which are logged according.


Issue: Hubspot only has a "Time to First Agent Email Reply" ticket field and not a "Time to First Agent Call Reply" or an all enclusive "Time to First Agent Reply" property. Therefore, if I want to report on how long it is taking for our customer service agents to reply to tickets, the data will not be accurate due to not also measuring call reply times.


Solution: A Hubspot default field that is set at the time that a call is first logged on a ticket and used to calculate a "Time to First Agent Call Reply" field similar to the "Time to First Agent Email Reply" field. Then an additional overall reply time field that looks at both "Time to First Agent Email Reply" and "Time to First Agent Call Reply", and shows whichever is smaller as "Time to First Agent Reply".


Alternative Solution: enable the necessary abilities to use custom workflows to achieve this. This would entail being able to set a date field when a call is logged and being able to calculate the differences in time on two date fields.

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A call to a client may be better than an email, and it should be a trackable event for time to response.

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Here is a link to the idea posting around being able to use date fields as variables in custom calculation properties that would be needed to facilitate the alternative solution mentioned above: