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Reporting on Task Ques

When creating a report, I would love the abillity to report on Task Queues (how many open, how many closed, owner, date). All of our reps have some of the same task queues that we would like the ability to see more numbers on. That would be great if that could be added!

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Yes, this would be very helpful when sorting for important tasks in reporting


Is this on the roadmap at all? Really useful feature to have


Yes please!


The Queue property is now available in the advanced report builder, but it's pretty useless for two reasons:

  1. Adding it as a filter does not currently work. When you type in the name of a queue or the internal ID of a queue, it just says "No results found".
  2. When displaying the tasks and using the queue property for a breakdown, it displays the internal ID of the queues as the report label, not the name of the queue.

I contacted support and they weren't able to give any insight into whether this property is just an incomplete feature. Can someone from HubSpot update this post to give some proper insight?


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This is pretty critical for me as I can't edit the task type so queues are the only workaround I have

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Hi @MherfelPCN ! 

The Task Queue filter can only be used in reports when the task queue is a shared queue - this is not very clear on the Kb but I will work to get this updated 🙂 
Standard Task Queues like "due today" or "overdue" cannot be used in the filter, because these are user-specific and also cannot be edited to be shared views.
Please reach out to support again and share the link to this post if you have any more questions on how to set this up - We would be happy to help!

@ElaineSN - That helps! I hadn't played with the shared Queues much but will explore that.


I would still like more detail on what's being worked versus not I'm hopeful that will come someday. 


I 100% Agree that this is a feature needed for reporting especially from a management point of view. I spent a couple hours working on this myself today and finally called the support line and was not able to get the report to work. The custom queue that I built is a shared queue and has a specific date range associated with it but still it did not show any data when trying to reference the queue in the report. 


It looks to me like all the filters are there and the ability should be able to pull out of custom reports but there is no access. I would love to walk through this process with any of your product team members to show the importance that this has. 


Currently right now I am having to export the queue into Excel and use the dashboard settings that Excel has to view thus making this dashboard tool useless


I believe the main issue is you are not able to use queues to track future tasks. I was able to get the dashboard to start showing completed tasks but it will not show the not started ones. 


I cannot find my shared task queues in activity reports. Would love to know the breakdown of what types of tasks my reps are completing throughout the week. Seems like a simple thing to implement, not sure why this thread has been open for 3 years? 


I think task queues would be more useful if there was a way to set them universally for the sales team. I would expect that would simplify reporting as well.