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Reporting on 'Marketing Event' objects & manually associating contacts to an event

The inability to cteate reports based on the 'Marketing Events' object is really limiting the utility of this feature. 


We've created custom properties associated with the object to allow us to track costs of events (both webinars as well as sponsored trade shows etc.). However, without being able to use these properties in reporting there isn't much value in having the marketing event object available.


It would also be great to have a way to manually associate contacts with an event. For webinars etc this is done automatically, but would love to be able to do the same with contacts we meet at trade shows etc. 


We'd ideally like to have a single view that tells us, by event, the investment that was made, the number of contacts that were generated, opportunities (deals) generated as well as attributable revenue. 

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Having the ability to associate contacts to these marketing events would add a level of usability to this tool for in-person events that otherwise is pretty pointless unless doing online events.