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Reporting for subscription type and date by contact count

According to Hubspot Support, there's no way to build a report for # of Subscribers (by specific subscription type) by Month by Count of Contacts. I simply want to report on number of new subscribers monthly to our blog subscription. 

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I am also looking for this, is there a work around?

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Commenting for a customer - need to have reports to see growth in email subscribers & total # of email subscribers.


Became a subscriber date property is not applicable if someone is in a later lifecycle stage (i.e. customer) & subscribes as they won't have a value for became a subscriber


Events in custom reports only up to 31 days -- using contact list & list memberships in report is not feasible due to limited events


Agreed 100%. 



Update! I did some digging. 


Communication Subscription Types (Email Subscription) can be accesed through the "Create a List" feature. Not accessible through Contact Filters. Once list is created you can create a report based on the "List Membership" parameter. 


I would love to get the email data based on the email subscription list. So if I send an email to one subscription type, what open rate does that type get? My types are so different they warrant different goals and right now I am manually tracking them.


Not encouraging that in February of 2022 I'm still looking for a solution it seems everyone prior to January 2021 also requested. Legitimate question for @hubspot, why is this type of report build a challenge? 


We would really like this feature as it would allow us to see what efforts we should spend per subscription. Without this, we wont be able to spend as much.


We also would like to have this feature enabled. This data is anyway captured on contact level, there is just no datestamp property that we could use in reporting to track number of subscribers per subscription type dayly/monthly/quarterly etc.
DGallegos, made a good suggestion, however, currently you can only use "create date" property + filer "member of a list". In this case, you can show monthly trand, however, it will show you when contacts, that are subscribed to a specific subscription type, were created and not the date when they subscribed. It's different.


Exactly what I need - a key figure for B2B conversion rates!


unsure if this works for people, but does a form submission report work?

Reports > Analytic Tools > Forms > scroll down to the table, filter based on form names - example Blog Sign Up Form > scroll to the top left and select Date Range of your choice > click Save Report in the top right and name it.

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At the moment, we have found a workaround to report on this data but we can only see people who subscribed and then filter by the date they were created, but not everyone subscribes the same time they get created in the portal. We also have to use lists and custom properties for this workaround. This report is a key one that would make reporting on subscribes much more accurate.