Reporting for Non-Hubspot Blogs

Due to the complexity of our site design and integration with our e-commerce platform, HubSpots blog templating was unable to meet our requirements. Because of this our Blog is not hosted inside of HubSpot and it is on another CMS.


My propoosal is to include a way to track and view Website Analytics for non Hubspot blogs. A possible way to do this is to include a property or calback event with the HusbPost Tracking Code. for example... "trackingType=blog"


<script type="text/javascript" id="hs-script-loader" async defer src=""></script>

This is some of the reporting i would like to see populated...

Blog Analytics.pngMissing Blog analytics is sad Smiley Sad

While this is a long shot, I hope this is some thing thatcoudl be intergrated quickly!

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HubSpot has one of the best Blogpost analytics tool out there that has specific metrics specified for blogs - a lot of people are already enjoying the other analytics tools by using the HubSpot Tracking Code, but being able to do this for blogs? Definitely a value-add. Hope this gets implemented soon too!