Reporting based on History of a property

Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. 


A report that will give me the number of deals that were changed to "Deal Stage #5" on that day or in a specific date range. Also, want to filter it based on another property similar to HubSpot Owner that shows the number of deals each person moved to "Deal Stage #5" in a specific date range.

Also could possibly base it off of the date a property is filled out rather than the date the deal stage is changed.


Have been working with HubSpot Support team but would love some help if anyone has ideas of how to do this based on the history of a property or has another possible workaround. 

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Same feature - different use case. We pipe user numbers for apps created (as part of a deal) over time into hubspot and I need to be able to track the field historically

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Intersted in the same features, different use case. We want to track how many Contacts purchased a specific product, located under a specific property, during a specific month. 

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Sounds like this is a popular request!  @Hubspot when are we going to get reports based on historical data?

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We also would like to be able to report on the dates that fields changed for various reasons.

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We absolutely need this! This would make Hubspots Reports a BI tool competitive enough to stand next to some serious niche players. This feature would also let our company connect more APIs and gather intelligence to report on the change!




We are also interested in tapping into a Contacts Custom Property History in the Report creator.  Would be very useful.



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We would love to see this also.



We currently have to store historic data in a seperate property which is a pain, seriously complicates reporting and is only really possible for the first status change. In our use case we are tracking the location at which our customer last used our services and our need is further complicated by an integration to our primary software which also relies upon this field.

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Really keen for this feature to get pushed through for several reports.


One example, I set-up a custom property for sales to reject or accept MQLs and called it 'MQL status', it has 3 options:

Disqualify - never going to be suitable / suppliers / staff etc.

Nurture - not ready yet

Advance - progress to SQL


I can see how many SQLs we generate each week/month/quarter, I can't see how many contacts were sent to 'Nurture' or 'Disqualify'.

In a nutshell: I need a report that will show me the count of contacts that have had the 'MQL status' property set to 'Disqualify' or 'Nurture' within a certain timeframe.



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@Hubspot, we need to access the data you already capture. Please let us use the field history date in reporting.

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This would be great to use for selecting which clients were active during a specific period so we can send them an NPS survey.