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Reporting based on History of a property

Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. 


A report that will give me the number of deals that were changed to "Deal Stage #5" on that day or in a specific date range. Also, want to filter it based on another property similar to HubSpot Owner that shows the number of deals each person moved to "Deal Stage #5" in a specific date range.

Also could possibly base it off of the date a property is filled out rather than the date the deal stage is changed.


Have been working with HubSpot Support team but would love some help if anyone has ideas of how to do this based on the history of a property or has another possible workaround. 

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We highly need this feature too, thanks.


Yes, also would like to report on property history changes


Similar to @MattPutt , we want to be able to see what a property was at a certain time, not right now.


Like Activity reports, you should be able to say "show me the historical data for certain properties from my deals / companies / contacts at this moment in time."


For example, if our reps update a property "Statement acquired" on call 1 to no, and then change it again on call 2 to yes, we want to be able to filter so that we know how many statements were acquired during a given week - not how many we have now.


Indeed, we need this to be able to analyze custom Contact fields currently. These fields are automatically updated with new info but the previous info is important for reporting where the customer is in the funnel or how they proceed with additional product investigation or purchases.


This feature would be very much appreciated, indeed!
We want to build a report that will give us the number of deals created after the date a specific property was filed (Single on/off checkbox property in our case). I hope to see this property in 2021-2022.


I have a use case for the Service Hub.  In my queue I have a status "Escalated to Development".  This is where cases go that require assistance from our development team and they typically take much longer to solve.  In my report for "Time to Close" I want to exclude any tickets that have ever been in that status because they artificially increase the close time.


Just adding my 2 cents. A specific use case for us is that we have certain properties that update regularly every month (e.g. number of sessions used last month). The data is already stored in the property history so we'd like to be able to just report on how the value of this property has changed over time. 


This will really be useful Hubspot.

Plus the ability to pull custom property values in calculations.


Similar use case. We push data for our customers' MRR and I'd like the data to be filterable by dates and see the modification history to quickly see how much revenue customers were bringing in in different time period.



We also need this feature badly... It would allow us to create almoste every report we need.


Hello HubSpot Dev Team. The HubSpot Community really needs this idea implemented. Even a report in the Report Library could be useful.


This is exactly what we are looking for, too. We have several property integration with Chargebee and other platforms and would love to create graphs in dashboards on the basis of these information

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Another use case - reporting on the changes to a property without resorting to exporting the whole database! 


As a record is updated it updates the properties - I need to be able to see the history in the CRM views 😞 


It is incredibly frustrating and disappointing to find an idea from 2017 still sitting here with no movement. Why isn't reporting based on historical field values a thing yet? The data is there. Can you please make this data accessible in other places outside of the details pop up inside of a specific object/property screen? Here are two of my use cases:


1.) I want to see all contacts that have ever had a HubSpot score greater than or equal to X (or between two dates). Currently, I can only see contacts who have that score today, not anyone how had that score yesterday, last month, or last year.


2.) I want to know what stage a deal was in when it was marked as cancelled/lost so we can analyze where we in the sales process when losing deals.


Please bring this feature! How come it is such an old idea that has not yet been implemented even all the data are already available?

We would like to report deals or company properties over a period of time.
Case study: A value of a property is constantly adjusted by the employee or by automation and thus changes over a certain period of time. We would now like to use a report to show how this value has changed over time. It would also be great if we could set a target value and find out how far we are from the target value. Examples of use are ARR or active user count of software etc. The standard field of the ARR cannot be used for this because it is already bound to certain information sources. (Product catalog). 

bumping and up-voting this. 


Yes we are trying to map the company owner changes over time or something like if a price changed over time to a line item as well would be helpful to be able to see over time.


We think it's a must have feature for HubSpot. Are there any news on this?


Guys not serious 2017 idea and still not live???


Would also find this very useful