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Reporting based on History of a property

Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. 


A report that will give me the number of deals that were changed to "Deal Stage #5" on that day or in a specific date range. Also, want to filter it based on another property similar to HubSpot Owner that shows the number of deals each person moved to "Deal Stage #5" in a specific date range.

Also could possibly base it off of the date a property is filled out rather than the date the deal stage is changed.


Have been working with HubSpot Support team but would love some help if anyone has ideas of how to do this based on the history of a property or has another possible workaround. 

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I have a similar use case - I use a custom field that labels the company record as a specific status. That status will change at least once and possibly three times. I need to be able to report on companies that USED TO have a specific status (using the property history) but have changed. 


This  feature is primordial to follow the activity of our leads and clients! Otherwise we need to create reports in another tool, which is a real shame considering the power of Hubspot's reports tools and the fact that this a simple report need (: seeing the evolution of a property on a dayly / weekly basis). Please consider it as a priority as no real solution has been offered since 2017!


We created a property in customers titled "Approved Vendor" and we would like to be able to filter on when that property was updated to yes/no. More specifically, we are looking to see how many customers were updated to approved vendor in a specific year. If we had the ability to filter on this by date updated that would be perfect. 



It would be great to have the ability to pull a report based on the history of that specific property. HubSpot already stores the information in the "Details" of the property, so it can't be too much work to be able to set up reporting based on this. For my example specifically, I am using an integration to update the "Message" property in HubSpot. It gets updated every time a customer sends a reply to an SMS. I would like to be able to pull a report of every response the customer has sent, not just the most recent update on that field. I have been a HubSpot admin for several years now and I really miss this feature. PLEASE consider moving this up your backlog! Thanks so much for making an awesome product!


Need the ability to export/report on the following ticket information in a printable format

- view all properties - shows the current information per property on a ticket -

- view property history - shows the full chronological history of every property on a ticket


Given this information is captured and these views display the information, we should be able to export/print this information when needed - or have a report we can use to generate this information per ticket ID/ticket pipeline+status


Hi, I want to create a report that shows changes in a specific property within the companies. I Have a property called 'phases' with a drop down list, and I want to see the changes within that property from different dates. Basically the movement from one phase to another. thanks


Be great to be able to build a leads ad report using such a feature!

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Any updates on this? What we wish to see here is to create a report for a custom property showing "changes over time".

Ideally, this would mean being able to pull a property's historical values as well.



Please developp this function for lists as well. And if possible, for filters in "Contacts".
I am creating lists to sort out people who changed tag (from Shopify) within a certain date range, and/or who subscribed to the newsletter (Marketing email confirmation status changed to "User clicked confirmation") within a certain date range.
I had to replace that function with complex list settings, that would not take all contacts and also take contacts that did not correspond to the criteria above (which I had to remove manually from the list).
It would have saved enormous amounts of time to just select the property change date.


An update on this would be great. It's been in review for over a year now. What's the result of the review curretnly? Last update was "significant progress in 2020" now  half of the year of 2021 is over. Please update the community here. This has almos 190 upvotes.


I really like to see this future soon in hubspot. In general, reporting should be available for whole pipeline metrics and their development as well. So how a pipeline stage has developed over time e.g. Not just individual deals or their sums, but at that point in history, the stage itself. 

Important for sales reporting to the board. 


since you are already capturing the date/time the value of any property changes, you should really make available out-of-the-box reporting tools using this available information


for example, it I want to track how long it takes a deal or ticket to get from 1 status to the next, I should be able to select in a standard report the object and change in property value I want to compare and get the data - instead I need to use enrollment triggers to set a custom date/time stamp, then use custom calculation properties, BUT this only works going forrwards from the date you set this up


this is madness since you are already capturing the data - all you need to do is create standard calculatation reports where the user can select the object(s) and propertie(s) and the report does the work based on information that is already available

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This is very much needed, I'm relatively new HS user and started trying to build a transactional email used to communicate changes to a client based on a deal property changing. Can’t do it.

As well as access to dates, access to previous values would also be needed, so you can display the current value of a field and date it changed and the -1 value of a field (what it was changed from)

If you consider a price, you want to change a unit price for a service from say £100 per hour to £120 per hour on the 1st July 2021 you want to be able to access the current and previous value and also the date of last change.

All the data is there in the field history, we just can’t get to it.



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@mgriffith  I'm also chiming in to ask for an update. Over a year has passed since your last post. Any progress on developing this feature?

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So many great replies here with use cases and comments on the fact that this information is already housed somewhere - so @hubspot - give us access to the data so that we can create the custom reports we need. 


Another use case:  Client wants to know "How many emails did we send to a contact before their first conversion?" 


This should be an easy one, right? There is a property for # of marketing emails delivered, and date properties for last marketing email and 1st conversion date. HOWEVER, the # of marketing emails delivered date is going to continue to increase after conversion.  I can't access the dates of EACH marketing email delivered even though this information must be captured somewhere since they are listed on a contact record. 


I see this is in review, so hoping we have some addition reporting tools very soon. 🙂



We have a real need for this type of solution too. An update would be appreciated as the last update was 2020.


@hubspot It will be a very useful feature. When can we expect the implementation?


@mgriffith Just wanted to check-in to know how is the progress here?

To quote you "We plan to make significant progress in 2020 and we will update this issue as we make progress." 

We are now in the second half of 2021 and we haven't heard anything from you. So can you please.update us on the progess?


Yes, this would be very helpful for finding missing trackers, reporting and cleaning databases.


Yes, I am trying to create a report in order to track when a lead has been changed into a prospect etc etc. However there doesn't seem to be an option within the report builder for specific actions taken. 
Wonder when there will be an update 🤔