Reporting based on History of a property

Looking to create a report using the create date of a property or date the property is changed, which can be found in the history of the property, as one of the metrics for the report. 


A report that will give me the number of deals that were changed to "Deal Stage #5" on that day or in a specific date range. Also, want to filter it based on another property similar to HubSpot Owner that shows the number of deals each person moved to "Deal Stage #5" in a specific date range.

Also could possibly base it off of the date a property is filled out rather than the date the deal stage is changed.


Have been working with HubSpot Support team but would love some help if anyone has ideas of how to do this based on the history of a property or has another possible workaround. 

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This is solved currently by the Lead to Procedure Deal Stage Properties filter in reports

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Different use case, but same suggestion: I'd like to use the history of a contact property when reporting.

I'm trying to report using date a contact unsubscribed to better understand correlations and patterns in unsubscribes. 

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 I'd like to be able to sort Contacts by the date when they booked a meeting using the Meetings module


I have a different, but related use case: I would like to find all contacts that were ever owned by a specific user (but are not currently owned by that user).

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This has not yet been solved, but we would also like the ability to:


- Create filters on when specific properties were "last modified" 

...since there is a recording of the history, it would be nice if it was filterable.




If someone updated the "Close Date" of a specific deal, and I was able to filter on Close Date modified after a certain date, then I could create a list of deals changed/modified around the close date of a deal and use that report as an actionable list of deals to follow-up on with the Sales Rep/Opportunity owner as to why a Close Date is being updated - which will have an affect on financial forecasting.


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Same concept, different use case. We need a way to pull a report of how many times a deal has changed stages and/or how many times a deal's close date has changed. Goal is to identify problematic deals to rid them from our pipeline or use as a coaching opportunity. Thanks!

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I'm having similar issues with non-date properties. We have an integration setup that pulls data from our in-house tool that is specific to a contact. Since these are not date properties, I can't pull the historical trends for them, even though they exist in the property history. This is a huge loss for our team as the trend is more important to us than the current data set.

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Want a report or a filter based on when a custom property changes.

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Has this feature been created yet?

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This functionality has not yet been created but we need it. If you look at the property history for any record, you'll see four columns... "Property", "Changed To", "Made On", and "Source". Three of the four sections (Property, Changed To, and Source) are reportable. The report everyone is looking for is an ability to report on the "Made On" date and date and time stamp. It shouldn't be difficult to make this a reportable or filterable field as the data is listed right there for every record in HubSpot.