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Reporting - Custom dynamic date ranges

In our old CRM, we were able to define custom dynamic date ranges that the system would understand. Examples include the ability to type in the words: TODAY, 9 QUARTERS AGO, NEXT 180 DAYS, LAST 2 QUARTERS, etc. It would be great to have this same flexibility in HubSpot reporting functionality.  We see some defaults like last week, this month, and even "is before" (with a date picker), but doesn't appear to have the flexibility to type in our own custom range as described above. (including "is before TODAY" to dynamically pick up all records in the past).  Even with some expanded customization with dashboard filters (i.e. ability to select a custom range), we still need to do the math and manually select the range we want, rather than defining 9 QUARTERS AGO and having that report show results for 9 quarters ago any time we acces the report.

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I strongly support the need for this and am surprised that the filters are so limited currently. We have a 72 hour SLA for tickets, so the current parameters do not support our current needs (without manually going in and picking a new date every day). I'd love to see more dynamic filters and love the idea of making them even more flexible as mentioned above. 


Strongly support this idea ! Dynamic filters should be available for every type of report


Strongly support this idea ! Dynamic filters should be available for every type of report!

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This would be a great function to have more flexibility and less manuell work. 


Strongly support this idea ! Dynamic filters should be available for every type of report


I am using the funnel reports and it's not possible to filter by a date range of "last 180 days" for the lifecycle stage. This seems like an oversight as it's possible to select "last 180 days" in other filters of contact properties that have a date type. 






I would like to create a dynamic report and dashboard for LAST WEEK's number of Zoom webinar registrations, and zoom webinar attendees. SF has that capability.  My understanding is that I have to create an "active contact-based list" with a filter on the registration properties. The problem is the date is a FIXED field and not Dynamic. This means someone has to update all the "active contact-based list" filter date ranges every week to see the right report information. I can not control the date range from the report level or from the dashboard level. I agree with others, that the "dynamic data range" function seems like a BIG oversight for something that is so simple and is available in SF. 


I strongly support this concept - dynamic filters would be extremely useful.


Surprised that this option is not already available. Please add this to the roadmap ASAP