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Reporting Analytics for Chat

A function to view who sent a particular message, was the message opened/viewed, and if the message was responded to.  Reporting analytics like this would be very helpful for our company to be able to dissect and dive in to the performace of each message.  Having this information available in a list format as well as on the individual contact card would be helpful.

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November 07, 2018 08:36 AM

That's great feedback, @clioi, and I'd encourage you to file new ideas posts. I'd recommend one for editing default reports, and one for separating out chat and bot reporting, so our reporting team can look into each of those requests 🙂

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November 06, 2018 10:37 AM

Hi all! As I'm sure some of you have noticed, we have released a number of reports to our reporting dashboards for chat, and the rest of Conversations. Details on the default reports available here: I am noticing a lot of comments on this thread that are different from the intial idea here in that they are referring to Google Analytics tracking. I believe some of you asking for that might be interested in upvoting: If that doesn't describe your use case, please file a new submission. Same goes for if you're looking for additional report filters in HubSpot - please file a new idea for what filter you'd like the reporting and conversations products to offer with your use case so we can best gauge customer interest, thanks!

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November 28, 2017 11:46 AM

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This sort of a view would also help understand how sucessful Messages is for your business:

  • How many messages were initiated?
  • How many were prospects v. clients?
  • Which pages generated the most messages?

I'm afraid as we test Messages for our company I'll be doing a lot of manual analysis!


We would actually like to be able to set-up a Goal within Google Analytics to track when a chat is issued so that we can track conversions on our marketing platforms (AdWords & BingAds)


As part of our Sales Dashboard, I'd love to be able to track information on messages and chats. 


  • How many messages did we receive this month?
  • Where we available or off-line?
  • Who responded from our company?
  • Did the person reaching out become a contact or customer?
  • Etch

Yes, this feature is a no-brainer. Completely understand the lack of analytics given how new the feature is, but at least basic analytics for Chat impact and volume is a no-brainer to show the value of the chat fuction. High priority!




Yea this is really needed, can't beleive it's not in there already.


Biggest flaw with HubSpot, reporting across the board isn't thought about enough.... which for Enterprise businesses is critical.

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 It would be awesome to have a log of all messages sent and received within the chat.  I'd love to at least have an idea of how many new messages come in each day. 


Currently there is no record of messages or the number per day. 



I'm trying to track on how mange users who are opening our chat. We are using Hubspot's chat tool. But the Tag Manager can't tag the module - is there anybody who has tried this and have a solution? I'm trying to tag with the class: reagan--widget-loaded


We are stunned that this is not built into HubSpot. This is basic functionality and a very important tool for our sales people. We need to be able to see who on the team is using it. Are they responding to chats. How many chats, etc. This should be a high priority.


Hi there HS Community,


Having launched the Messages feature of HubSpot almost immediately after we were given the option to try it out, I wanted to see how many leads were generated by having it enabled so far.


I had some trouble finding how to do it, and calling Support today confirmed that there's currently no tracking for this. Please build the ability to see how Messages drives conversions, so that 1) your customers have a may of measuring the ROI of the functionality and 2) you can utilize those metrics to better promote your tool, in the hopes the stats show a trend of increased conversions which I would hope/assume is true.


Thank you,



agreed. need this.


Just presented sales meesage to our sales management team - they can't wait to get started, but that was the first question they asked.  "What reporting is avaialble?"

Thx, Brian


 In addition to those metrics mentioned by others:

  • Stats on which sales memebers made themselves available, or not
  • Engagement duration
  • Some kind of disposition feature for the sales person to rate each call: junk, lead, etc.



I agree with the other posters in this topic. Reporting what happened / outcomes are critical. Just even tracking the event that a contact (prospect) engaged a sales user (internal) as an event, much like a form submission, or page view is necessary. Anecdotally we believe that messages-chat is beneficial but cannot quantify it. We're attempting workarounds to create custom property checkbox on the contact but this requires manual steps that can be overlooked.


If you are serious about this chat product, then we need at a minimum chat analytics.  For example the basics:

- How many messages we fielded this year/mo/week

- How many messages were initiated?

- How many were prospects v. clients?

- Which pages generated the most messages?


Please start making this "beta" feature a tool! 


What's even more shocking is that tracking parameters don't pass through at all - so if someone comes to our website from a specific source, then initiates a chat before any other conversion, we completely lose visibility into the source. Yet if they never chatted we'd retain that in the Source properties. So basically the functionality is better WITHOUT chat than with. This I really thought would be v1 stuff, given that HubSpot's foundation is Marketing.


We decided to use Hubspot Messages for our live chat instead of the actual Live Chat app. My boss is asking for reporting metrics on how many chats we are getting, and how fast response times are. It appears we are not able to pull these reports, and it may force us to move back to something like Live Chat which has more reporting functionality. It's a bummer because we were really hoping to keep this information centralized in Hubspot. I hope they implement more reporting options ASAP. 


Hubspot provides a lot of visibility for source of leads - this is the missing link.  I have seen an increase in messages coming to the website- but I have no way of demonstrating this through the reporting dashboard.






I'd like very much to have some analytics as well. We would like to be able to track the number of contacts created from the chat and be able to use this as a goal on Google Analytics.


Thank you, 


We really want the ability to track chat interactions with Google Tag Manager. It's important for us to attribute chat interactions as "Event" conversions in our AdWords and website reporting.