Report to see pipeline size per month


There should be a way to show the total pipeline size in a historic month, even if it was created in another time period.  For example, a June 2019 pipeline would show pipeline created in June but also relevant deals created in May, April, March and other prior months. This would allow for the analysis of pipeline size over time, a vital measure of momentum. 

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Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

We have a new reporting app in beta that allows users to see what the pipeline looked like at previous points in time. 


We plan to release the app more broadly later this year. 


Stay tuned.  

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I agree to the idea and really believe it is an essential feature to understand progress momentum in a sales organization. Apart from just showing total pipeline value, I believe it would be really valuable to also being able to see value and and number of deals per stage per a historic date.