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Report to Monitor Growth of Marketing Contacts

When you go into Account & Billing > Usage & Limits. The graph you see there which shows your Marketing Contact Growth (Your contacts usage over time) for the past 30 days. I would like to see this graph and pick the dates - ie "All Time".


It would be good to see this graph to monitor and forecast how much your marketing contact list is growing over time.


You cannot create the report in the reporting section as the field for the date the marketing contact status was given does not exist. 


  • The x axis should be date
  • The y axis should be no of marketing contacts


Including the limit you are currently set to, as a line, would be beneficial. (Just like how it appears in Account & Billing).


I did speak to support, but the only workaround would be to create a workflow to add a date to the contact when their status is changed to "Marketing Contact", but this means no data will show for the months previous to you starting this workflow. 


I have hopefully explained this well, open to suggestions to make it better too!