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Report the sequence status in a list

I was trying to build a contact list using the sequence status property. For instance, I wanted to build a list for all my contacts that didn't' answer to one of my sequences. I would've set the status property at "sequence ended, no response" and use the property as a criterion needed to be added to the list. 


I wasn't able to do so because: "there is no way to report on the sequence status using lists, meaning you cannot use the sequence status as a criterium for lists" <== Answer form support. 


It would be a powerful feature to have for reporting and enrollment in new sequences.

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Yes please! We'd like to contact people that opened our emails but didn't reply...


+1 me too

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Yes the same for me please !


Agree this is needed - would like to be able to report on what % of those enrolled in sequence ended with no reply.


Yes please! There seems to be little use in using sequences for prospecting, if you can't differentiate a contact who finished a sequence based on whether they finished it without replying, or finished it by replying/booking a meeting.