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Report that shows multiple activities on a Deal

We have moved over to HubSpot to use as our primary CRM.  One big reporting need we have is to show a report which breaks Deal Activities out onto separate lines on the report.  Currently, HubSpot only allows the most recent activity to show on the report.


Our management team likes to see a birds eye view of Deals and their recent activity (could be the last 3 activities).  This would help to show a more complete story of recent Deal activity.  


Being able to have a pivot style table would also be very helpful.

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Upvoting - there are quite a few opportunities here for customers - I think that being able to break down historical values in reports, inlcuding all recent history on notes, calls, etc (activities) would be helpful here. Also being able to do drill-downs similar to that of an excel pivot table from a custom reporting aspect would be useful for this and similar use cases to expand the report to see deal history or all deals that meet certain criteria.