Report that averages time it requires to close tasks by user and overall


Multiple users have requested a report that averages the time it requires to close tasks from created to completed by user and overall to monitor task completion rate and productivity.

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Yeah. I am looking for the exact same thing. Hope we can have this soon!


Agreed, at least the ability to create custom task fields e.g. the time between calculations that exists in Contacts and Deal Properties


why this doesn't exist is crazy... I'm tyring to use custom reports to create something, anything, that will give us some value and running into roadblocks.  so frustrating. 


I am sitting here with a sales rep using my iPhone as a timer and I'm going to take a screenshot when we're done shadowing. I hit "lap" each time the rep either clicks "next" or "complete". This gives me a "cycle time" between calls. I can get an average and work to improve this with time, and show them who's doing things efficiently and who's not, and also this would give me an idea of the total number of tasks a rep can complete in a day if they're doing the same thing all day.


In a story form this might look like this: 


"As a sales manager, I want to see the minimum and average time it takes for a rep to complete a task during a calling session so that I can get a sense for how productive a sales rep is, what their total capacity is within an hour or day, and whether they are improving in productivity or not"