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Report: "Opens by email client" for ALL emails in aggregate

Under a given sent email, on the Performance tab, is "Opens by email client". This shows the email clients your receipients used for that particular email send. I would like to see this same report for ALL emails sent during a given time frame. We're trying to assess the impact of iOS15 email privacy, and need to determine how prevelant Apple Mail is for our consumers. We'd also use this for optimization priotization. Ideally would be able to select date range and filter by email type. 

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This should be part ofthe varibles available in custom reporting.., and part of list building, etc. 

User story for an Email Campaign Manager Pat:


Pat is required to compare email metrics like open rates, click and click through rates by Email Client.


Pat when testing emails to improve open rates needs to create dynamic copy based on email client. 


Pat after learning that contacts with a particular email client have a very low open rate suspects Pat's company emails are going into a spam filter and created dynamic website copy to recommend to visitiors from that cohort "allowlist" Pat's company email domain and provides instructions for popular email clients and the email client used by the cohort is listed 1st.


I was just about to submit this idea too after speaking with Hubspot support and finding out it was not an option. This would be a fantastic tool to see overall how our emails perform by client. Especially if we could filter it by email name or list. This way we could see X market is 70% Gmail, so let's focus on features that function well there, like animated Gifs. 


Don't we still have this option in hubspot? 


I also just discovered that this is not available along with no real ability to understand the "unknown" email client as it is a device that is not recgonized by hubspot (which doesnt make sense from a tracking standpoint and makes me think these are Apple MPP users) 

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Hi everyone! I noticed today that when you create a custom report with "Marketing Email" as your data source, you have access to properties such as "Browser Family", "Browser Name", "Device Type" and "User Agent" under "Opened Emails" marketing email events. 

Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 5.59.27 PM.png


@sleong how did you set up the custom report in your screen grab?

None of my customization attempts are even generating a preview.

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@sleong I second this... how did you generate that report?

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Oh, I see it! The data source is actually "Marketing email activities events." 




Any updates from HubSpot on this idea request? Available on the individual email level, but not an aggregate? 


Would be really helpful for a report about our clients and the clients they use.


This would be really helpful for us as we troubleshoot some strange behavior for one of our email newsletters. After months of steady, good open rates, they are suddenly bouncing all over the place. I want to try to figure out if this is a graymail situation and something specific to certain clients, and am really struggling. 

Thank you @Hollyce and @sleong for getting me part way there but I don't understand why HubSpot doesn't let us include this in custom reports so we can see trends over time. Scrolling down from each individual email performance is not efficient.