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Report on marketing emails by subscription type

It would be highly beneficial to be able to report on marketing emails by subscription type.

In other words, this would be the capability to group email performance data by its corresponding subscription, and save that report to dashboards. 

Right now, there is option to view some data by subscription type by heading to Marketing > Email > Health > subscription. This beign said, these metrics cannot be saved as report, and they aren't customizable. 

I'm a HubSpot employee submitting this idea on the behalf of a customer. For reference, these two existing ideas are similar but not exact:

Add Subscription Type to the Email report column options

Reporting for subscription type and date by contact count

Thank you! 🙂

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We have been manually tracking this. I would love a report that can do it for me. All the data is there so it shouldn't be hard.


Upvoting this as well! We have not been manually tracking this so it would be nice to have. Hubspot has it somewhere since it's required for every email. It would be fun to be able to use that data not only for tracking what gets put out the most but also to compare that to the email analytics.


Upvoting this as well. As a CRM tool you should be able to pull this without having to create a list for each one or at least in the analytics reports. 


Yes, that would be great!


Would love the ability to see how each of our subscriptions are performing, and which subscriptions can be deleted or restructured for our audience. 


+1 to ESu. Realizing that there might be some subscription types that are not being used as often and could be combined with another subscription type. But I need to be able to see how it performs to make an informed decision. 

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This would be tremendously helpful. Seems like a no-brainer. HubSpot, please? 🙂

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We're a HubSpot Partner agency - lots of clients with unique subscription types have asked for reports on email performance as grouped by their different subscription types. Would love to see this idea implemented. 

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So many customers would benefit from this being a possibility and I am working with one right now that would really like to see this available.

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+1 again

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This would be sooooo nice to have!