Report on lead response time

We really need a simple way to report on the time to first contact for our MQLs. Ie. how quickly are they being contacted after they become an MQL, also known as lead response time.


This could be really useful as part of the Sales Reporting with the option to build a report based on time to first contact (in minutes/hours/days) with the flexibility to select when to count from. E.g. from "became a Marketing Qualified Lead" time or from "Created" time or from "submitted X form" time.


One should then be able to build reports like:
- new MQLs not touched within the 1 hour of conversion (which is suggested best practice in Mark Roberge's excellent book)

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 Completely agree - I almost can't believe given the volume of Hubspot blog posts about this very metric that it appears nowhere in your system for the Sales Pro tool! Glaringly obvious for KPI's...

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Also agree. This would be very useful for tracking sales performance. I want to drive the team to achieve contact within 5 minutes during work hours, but I can't without this analysis.

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We definitely need this as well, please build

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I'm kinda surprised this doesn't have more upvotes. This seems like an obvious feature to  develop though I'm not sure what would be the best way to implement it. 


Maybe a default property that tracks time between form submission and a call/sales email being logged. Some customizability would be crititcal. Not all forms require a response and some may consider a sales email a contact and other may want it to be a call strictly. 

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It would be good to customise it based on a specific property. The two most obvious being when it became an MQL or when it was assigned a sales rep. 


Those two happen at the same time for us so little difference but may differ for some. 


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I can't understand why Hubspot lacks so many functionalities that Hubspot Academy advocates as really important.
It was in Hubspot Academy that I learned that Lead Response Time is important, but you don't have it?


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I agree this is an absoulte 'must have' feature for any decent sales tool. We currently waste a huge amount of admin time to manually review each week. Come on Hubspot let's get this simple feature pushed through.

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out of the box would be really nice (and easy), but even just giving us the abilities to track and calculate times by the minute would be helpful across the board. 

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We need this, too!

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Yes please