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Report on duplicate form submissions

Who: Anyone who uses forms to collect data such as email address.


Goal: The goal is to be able to fully analyse any duplicate entries to better understand unique submissions, new vs returning visitors, as well as better analyse data that is not currently exportable and must be analysed on an individual submission basis.


Value: The value is that we will be able to analyse duplicate entries as well as dedupe the data when it needs to be used.


Example: I have a form that only collected email address and a couple of consent tick boxes. I have had over 1600 responses, but more than 530 of those are duplicate entries. I would like to be able to either analyse in an export or simply toggle on the form analytics/submissions pages which of these are duplicates. This would also help where currently you're unable to export particular data that exists in the form and is visible on individu..., which you have to currently wade through to analyse if you have say multiple tick boxes and you want to analyse true/false responses.

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Use case: To accurately see form submissions from all emails sent in a report without counting duplicates. To see which emails drove the most form submissions.


Goal: To report on email performance, contribution to deals, and to optimize emails.


Would be very helpful for us as well.