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Report on call performance and result by time-of-day and day-of-week

Subject says it all. A graph showing frequency of calls and connect rate by time of day and day of the week would be phenomenal.

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Absolutely need this!! Call connection throughout the day may vary from industry to industry. If accessible, very valuable information for a sales department.  


Hey all,

So just realized that HubSpot does not give any info about the answer rates by hours. Meaning if we want to annalize when our leads answer us, what time in the day, we can't get that info!

This is really surprising because this is a very basic info we, as a b2c company, need to know. I have to know when to have all of my sales reps in office and when the answer is low that I don't need all of them here.

Really hope there will be a solution asap.


Thanks guys. 

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I worked with @jbenlang on this case and have to say that this would be a great feature as it would provide insight to provide more effective staffing models!


This is essential, or at least the ability to export our engagement data. We have over 15k calls logged and I have been tasked with looking at what days of the week and times of the day we most often connect with leads, but I CAN'T with the limited reporting and inability to export to .csv.


 Very surprised to find this doesn't exist. Might try a home grown solution for now..


Definatly need it to know which days and times are the bussiest and how to staff contact/sales team.  Need stats to track team performance.


 Upvote this **bleep**


How is this not available?  We should be able to analyze the "Connections" to see what time of the day people are picking up the phone.  I am shocked this is not reportable especially since the date and time are stamped when the call is logged.  Please fix this.



Our sales team could benefit greatly from knowing what times they are connecting with a prospect the most. This would help become more efficient in their efforts.  

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Please, It would be spectacular to know at what time we have better results in calls.


Also need this feature for analyzing our business needs

HubSpot Product Team

We're currently evaluating this reporting capability and will update this issue with more information in the next few months.


wanted to create a report that allows me to get more visibility into my bdr performance, the goal is to identify which days of the week they are likelier to connect via a call or email. This is required for sales reporting; disappointed it isn't possible today...


We would also love something like this, I've seen that Sales Force has this and before even seeing it I thought it was a MUST HAVE for any outbound heavy sales organization, and the fact that we have all of the data but aren't able to even build our own custom report is incredibly disapointing. Hubspot has all of the data, at the very LEAST give us the ability to build our own custom report showing that


I can't believe this type of report is not available.  This data would be highly valuable to any sales organization.  Knowing that dialing betweeen X:00 AM and Y:00 AM  will most likely result in higher contact rates would result in higher sales.


This feature is critical to the success of our outbound sales organization. It appears HubSpot is already tracking the time for activities and the outcomes, it doesn't have the reporting capability to 'group' the activity time in blocks (for example hourly) and build graphs/reports on time of activity by time groupings, call status, or other data properties (e.g. Ticket Status). I can understand this grouping mechanism could create complexity. Even hour-by-hour tracking for all activities to start would be very helpful to understand to help our reps block out their day better and report on the performance and success rate. For example, call between 8-10 am (because over time we see our customers answer phones in the morning, and not really again until 2pm), so work inbound tickets from 10-12pm, return emails 12-2, call 2-5. (again as an example case.. this reporting feature would enable us to be dynamic and change time blocks based on seasonality depending on the industry and we could make iterative time blocking changes). 

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Every one has said it but just to summirize, we wolud love to have:

  • Tickets per week of the year
  • Tickets per day of the week
  • Tickets per hour of the day
  • Tickets per set of hours (Morning, Afternoon)

Thanks a lot!


We would 1000% benefit from this.


SalesLoft has this capability and we would love it as we migrate to HubSpot as our single source of truth. 


Is there an update on this? Again, would be great to keep HubSpot as our single source of truth here rather than our external calling software...


Hubspot are there any updates on running this information - time of day when customers answer the phone. Thanks