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It is weird that after ending the calls ,I made my notes in call out come section , but later on it became hard for me to search those notes. I had to go to each individuals timeline to get the updated notes. Additionally I was not able to add those notes in my reporting easily, because this section doesn't come up in reporting as well. So my suggestion is to add a searchable call outcome section with updated notes and also visible in reporting sheet. Thanks.

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May 25, 2017

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I have attached the place where I would like to have the ability to track calling. I'm not sure why the engagements section of the reports has so little customization. I want it to build from a specific list, so that I can get data. it seems like it would be a simple addition, as that aspect of functionality is already there for the reports. I want to easily have a report to see how many calls our employees make in a day, to specific group of customers. The Dashboard is far inferior to actually getting details about who is being called, as well as it is time dependent. If I wanted to see what calls somebody made 2 days ago specifically... I can't. I'm surprised this has been overlooked for so long. Please fix.


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Hi there,

Have you heard of any progress made on this? I agree that this is a huge flaw of any sales CRM - to not have comprehensive call data. Have you been able to figure out a workaround at all?






I have a report that shows what the call results are for each of my reps, but I can't drill into each result to get a list of the calls/contacts to see what happened. This is critical for any coaching/management decision.

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At the moment we can't filter contacts that have been tagged as Log activity<log call<wrong number when we search the database. It would be fantastic and very useful to have an Activity Log filter.


Thank you!


I would like to be able to:

1. customize the call outcomes

2. categorize calls or give it a type - for example - cold / outreach call, discovery call, proposal/presentation call, follow up call


 @Trevor, this might work for you. Just figured it out myself to identify and correct calls where no outcome was listed:


1. Go to reports dashboard and click on "add report" (top right)

2. Click on the "sales" drop-down on the left and then select "prospecting"

3. Look for the productivity report and click "customize"

4. On the left, under filters, scroll down to "engagement filters" and click on the filter that is currently shown (it should be "type is any of calls, email, meeting, task or note"

5. Delete everything leaving "calls" and then hit "update filter". The visualisation will now show you only calls

6. Now you need to adjust the "measures" which are above the visualisation. The first should say "hubspot owner" in the drop-down", below that should be "by" and then "counts of engagement" in the drop-down. Then to the right of that should be "and" then "type" in the drop-down. It's this last one you need to change. Select it and change it to "call outcome"

7. The visualisation now shows you the call outcome for all calls for the selected date ranges

8. You can then hover the mouse pointer over each call outcome (in this case click "no value") and a link called "quick view" will appear. If you click this a list of all contacts where a call outcome was not logged will present itself. You can now go into each contact and review


Hope this helps!


I would like to be able to make list from the call outcomes.  For example, if I have put "left voicemail" for 20 call outcomes I would like to make a list of who the 20 contacts are so I can call them back.


@Jobot What I'm doing to manage callbacks is creating a task queue. So in your case you can call the task queue "VM follow-up" as an example.


You can then schedule a call task for the contact after you've left the voicemail, set the follow-up date and assign it to the task queue "VM follow-up".


Then every day you can click on the "VM follow-up" task queue and see all the calls you need to make.


I would like to filter the report "call outcomes" by country, in order to analyze the quality of the leads we send to the call center in each of the countries we target. Now, we don´t have any visibility on the % of "connect calls / total calls" in each country, which I am afraid, must be very different. If I am right, this insight would require immediate action from our Marketing and Sales teams, but now we are totally blind on this matter.


We would like to have a report on the number of new contacts worked in a specified period.


By 'new contact worked' we mean a contact that has not been contacted by a team member before. Only 'connected' calls should count towards this report.


A way to create this report could be to introduce the field 'first contacted at', filled with a date when a connected call, meeting or email has been done.




I am looking for the ability to be able to search all call outcomes that I did not connect with, ie Voicemail, no answer or Live Message. 


I think as a CRM platform there needs to be a way for us to do this. 


Does anyone know if this is possible


This would be so helpful.  I want to report on how many voicemails were left verses contacting someone live on callouts but can't pull this type of reporting.  


 @ghovens were you able to figure this out or find a workaround at all? I have the same question and from what I can tell, Hubspot does not allow you to report on call outcomes at a contact level. 


@bradpearson Sorry, no. We count the new contacts worked by hand at the moment.


Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully Hubspot can help us out with this soon!

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Hi all,


We recently added dozens of new Activity properties into the custom report builder. Professional, Enterprise, and Reporting Add-on customers of all Hubs can now create custom reports based on notes, call outcome data, tasks, conversations, feedback submissions, meetings, and sales email data. This data is available for export into excel from the report builder. 


Let us know what you think!