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Report on Sales/Marketing Activities Across a Given Time Period

Currently, you are able to use the properties 'Number of Sales Activities' and 'Marketing Emails Delivered' to see how many Activities have occurred 'All Time'.


Unfortunately, you are not able to see this on a Weekly, Monthly, Annual or Avergaed basis because Hubspot does not allow you to report on the specific time stamp that a given activity occurred. They only time stamp the Last Activity Date. 


I'd like to be able to see how many Sales/Marketing activities occur on average each month and whether that rate is increasing or decreasing across our organization. 

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Could this also be adopted for a 'per user' basis as well? Users who are focused on lead gen rather than account management would benefit from this on a personal level as well as compant level 


^^^ Agreed, Annie, we would like to see it per user or contact owner would work for us, and also company wide