Report: # of persons enrolled into a sequence during a week/month



We are using several different sequences to approach leads. To follow-up the activity level of each sales rep, I would like to know how many leads each sales rep has enrolled into a sequence each week. The objective is that we can keep the activity level high for the whole team.


There is currently no standard report available and would like to get one enabled. The data is in Hubspot since it knows when 1st email of the sequence has been sent.


With report builder I can get:

- List of leads that have been any time enrolled into a sequence

- Or list of leads that are currently in an sequence


If we just follow-up # of emails or # of calls, we can miss individual weeks or days when people have not been enrolled actively to a sequence. 

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Absolutely need access to something like this - the only alternative is to look at an alternative tool like Outreach which I'm really against doing.

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Agreed. They have had Sequence reporting features in beta but those appear to be gone now. 

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@Margstar  what was this beta? I agree. We'd love to see how many sequences a rep has added people to in a given week. I can't think of anyway to do this right now.