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The feature, that you can create now lists not just from contacts, but also from companies is very nice.

Sadly, you can just create a report of contacts with the "Is member of XXX list"

but you can not create a report of companies with the "is member of XXX list"


A cross-over Report with contact and company is also not possible, since you can also not use the "List membership" Filter for contacts, if it is a cross-over report.


Please add this as soon as possible, since it is really necessary to view a report of specific companies, which follow special filters, which are only viewable through the List-filters.

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I have the same problem!!!

I need to take out company report for companies with multiple contries and it doesn't really work. 


would be pretty cool and nice one. Kind of one report to show "several" lists with each quantity. (Company / Contacts)


Yep, now we can create Company lists, being able to report on them would be very useful.


Please Hubspot, please! For B2B companies like us ( we can't live without reporting on an account/company level. 

Thanks 🙏


Agreed!! Adding on to thread to hopefully see hubspot notify us with update! 


The more I use Hubspot the more I feel it isn't really tailored for B2B companies. This is really important for us as well to have accurate data. In my case, we need to build a report of conversion rates for companies that are a member of X list compared to those who are a member of Y list. I'm pretty surprised that we are limited and unable to use company-based lists for reports that are essential to understand our sales techniques. 


Agree! I'd like this immediately.


Long-term, preferrably I'd like also to have the following:

- HS persona creation and tagging to contacts functionality 

- Ideal customer profile creation and tagging to companies

- Buyer centre mapping and tagging to contacts & companies 

- With reporting..


I have the same struggle! As we're a B2B business we desperately need to report on which lists companies are members of in Hubspot and track trends. Hope this will be added to the product roadmap soon.