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Report for "Touches" - Engagement per Contact/Company

It would be nice to be able to generate a report which shows the activity/engagement per contact/company. This is usuful to track sales/marketing team member effort and activity.


Example Use Cases:

  • I want to know how many times (on average) a sales person calls a particular contact before giving up.
  • I want to know how many meetings it takes before a "Lead" becomes a "Marketing Qualified Lead."
  • I want to know, based on company size, how many prospecting calls (per company) my SDRs need to make before getting to a decision maker.
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Great Idea. I add to this list the possibility to know exactly how many calls to get one winning deal


I need this too! 


 YES PLEASE! My VP of Sales is asking for this information and I'm not sure how to get it to him


Are there any updates on this? I am in a similar situation. Our CEO would like to know how many touches (broken down to calls, emails sent, & conversations) to get someone to demo (which is a deal stage for us). 

I can get a total number of activities, but I want to have it broken down by activity type per deal stage. I've tried several different combinations in reporting and can't seem to get exactly what I'm looking for here. 


Hey All,


I may have worked out a very roundabout way to achieve this report. It's going to have a slight standard error for any post-close activites, but better than nothing.


  1. Create custom report
  2. Data sources
    1. Contacts
    2. Sales Activites
  3. Values "Number of times contacted". Select 'Averages'
  4. Filter by 
    1. Sales activities "created by" is x
    2. Call out come is "known"

If I've missed something obvious here, would also appreciate the feedback.