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Report by date of form submission

I would like to build reports based on dates of specific form submissions. For example, a contact came into our database from a whitepaper form in April, then submitted a form requesting a demo in September. So if I create a report for all demo form submissions in September, it will not show me this contact because I can only use create date, which would be April. I cannot use first or recent conversion data because the demo form submission may have been first, recent, or somewhere in between. A report showing date of Demo form submission would show how many MQLs (demos) we're generating by date, and could also show us progressions of leads (marketing funnel) - a huge value for understanding marketing efficacy and the buyer's journey. 

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This is something I need to - for us a contact might be created via a contact form but then fill out another more detailed form days/weeks/months later - I need to report on when they filled out the form, not when they first entered the system. I can't see a way to do this!


How is this not a thing yet? The date someone submitted a form is basic info we should be able to pull because we are all about that form submission and tracking the buyer's journey! 😁 


A workaround that won't help retroactively but I try to make standard in all my client's onboarding is to create a workflow and create your own date submitted field. If form submitted, copy time stamp to a custom property "Date of last form submission" and you will have some data moving forward. You could get more detailed and create one for each form you create. 


@BriDehlinger  Can you elaborate a bit more about the workflow setup?


I need this field added in reports.


It is a basic field to track form submissions. For example, now you can only create reports on forms taking into account the "creation date". This makes no sense, as if I have a contact created in 2020, that sent a form in 2023, and in my report I specify date of creation 2023, this contact info will be lost. The field must be "submission form date". 


This info is already inside Hubspot, it is only needed for the field to be added in reports. No further development needs to be done, so please solve this issue ASAP.





This information exists on the form in the Submission section - it just looks like we can't export it. Exporting is super important so we can filter the results.


This would be huge!


Wouldnt it be possible to save the submission date using a workflow into a custom property and sort them by that property?


Yes, I've tested it, but find it easier to set it up in Google analytics