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Report and Dashboard Designing Features

I personally live in HubSpot, and woudl like to open the floor for reporting formatting suggestions.


Most of my community posts/comments/upvotes are on roadblocks, but this is more what I would really love to see to help optimize the platform in regards to daily viewing.


I would love to also hear other's best practices/work arounds/preferences!


Below are the things I would like to see when it comes to report formatting:

  • The option to really change up the colors on the dashboard reports to make it more visually appealing and block the eyes correctly.
    • For example, getting to fully customize colors to place on brand (I know we can choose some stuff within the custom reports)

      Or (my main want) to change the background or reports. So I could have all MTD reports (which I usually prefer to make the summary chart format) in green, then QTD yellow, then YTD red. Or even make the option to do negative, so I could just alternate between a white and black background. This would really help the dashboards not look like information overload.

  • Having he tables alternate colors (similar to spreadsheets) so if there is a table of all the deals, it toggles from grey to white.
  • Conditional formatting on tables.
    • I had something like this with a previous company. So let's say there was a list of contacts that we uncontacted, they would be highlighted red on the table on the rep's dashboard.