Report & workflow date filtering on time period

Right now the reports and workflows are really almost unusable for most scheduling and workflows because there is no capability to define ranges of time that aren't set-in-stone dates.


Creating a workflow based on "August 1st to August 31st" is useless. Creating one based on "Last modified more than 90 days ago" is an extremely helpful and useful way to filter.


In sales so much of the reporting needs and workflows are around cracking the whip on your team to ensure they are keeping things up to date and moving, and the fact that Hubspot defines arbitrary periods of "1 month ago" and "7 days ago" is of no use in an enterprise sales cycle where often deals sit dormant for 90 days while buyers are on vacation, while buyers are assembling teams and scoping pilots etc...


If Hubspot wants to be useful for enterprise sales you have to give flexibility in these ranges.

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This seems like very basic functionality, especially since it does exist within views, you should be able to build workflows off of it. Is this planned for a future release?