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Reply to conversation connected to Ticket from within Ticket section

It blows my mind that Hubspot has an in-house feature to automatically create tickets from conversations, but then makes it a whole task in itself to reply to the ticket. 


We have everything set up in Tickets. 


The statuses, the priority, the filters, the views. My god it's beautiful. Perfect even. 


But then there's no rapid way of just clicking on a ticket and replying to the conversation in the right hand side card window. 


This should be an absolute must! 


Please please please give us rapid ticket response for Christmas. 





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I'm 100000% convinced that the the product manager for service hub has:

  1. Never used Service Hub in a real life setting
  2. Has intentionally avoided logging into Zendesk or any other more mature service ticketing and automation system. 
  3. Does not read these message boards.