Reply to Mentions via email


I just noticed that you are now able to Comment on Notes on the contact record, much like the new Comment feature in Conversations.


Very nice QOL update.


What would be even better is when someone @mentions a user on a note or Conversation, you can reply to the email notification in your inbox and it will automatically log your reply in HubSpot as a new comment.


I find that my team often replies to mentions by forwarding the notification email to the sender, but all of that communication lives in our email inbox and not on the contact record.


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HubSpot Employee

Hi Joseph!


Thanks for sharing your feedback.


At the moment, this is not something that is currently planned in our roadmap. We're focusing on delivering features that will have higher value and impact on customers as well as those that are highly in demand. For instance, we're currently working on enabling SuperAdmins in Entreprise portals to set-up notifications default to their team members based on their role. 


We will let you know if our plans change.


Thanks again!




Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi folks,


based on @Pearly's comments, I'm setting this to Not Currently Planned to reflect our current roadmap.