Reply or comment on note or a task

I feel it would be a great idea to have the ability to reply or comment to a note or task. 

My team would be able to communicate better using HubSpot. 


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I aggree, that would be really helpful. We have as well a lot of internal communication and after a bunch of linking your colleagues, the conversation get's confusing.

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Our company is suffering so much without comments for tasks in deals, companies and contacts.

You can find comments on marketing projects but not for main places Smiley Sad

The main use case here: we share all tasks, everyone in the team can contact the customer and set up task for somebody else to contact him later. Almost all CRMs has opprutnity to comment tasks.

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Agree! Adding Notes/Replies to the regular text field of the task is messy, manual, hard for other users to see, and subject to too much user error in forgetting to "sign/date" your notes.

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Yes, this would be great. Using notes for this now but you end up have a huge string of notes that takes over the activities feed or editing one single note and not knowing who has posted what.