Replace email verification for eSignature with unique URL

Submitting this idea on behalf of the customer. Here is the description of the issue he is experiencing:

The current quote eSignature process doesn't have the ability to generate unique URLs for each signer, so as a workaround it asks the signer to 'verify' their email address by clicking the sign button, entering their email, receiving a verification email, going to their inbox, finding the verification email, clicking a button there, coming back to the quote page, and finally signing.


Not only is this process tedious and confusing to our older, less tech savvy customers, but it's prone to failure when the verification email ends up in their spam folder. Your product team might say something like "have the client whitelist XX email address in their inbox", but if you've ever worked in sales or with any kind of everyday customers you know that's not realistic.


To deal with this, we've now resorted to telling our customers that the process might break and trying to get them to be on the phone with us while they sign so we can troubleshoot. Not only is this a waste of time for our sales people, but it annoys our customers. I've attached a screenshot of a recent email exchange to give you an example.


All this said, I love the product y'all have built. As a former developer, I know software is hard, and I assume it's even harder at the scale you're at. So this feedback is coming from a place of genuine care. I think you have the best product in the market, but you're stumbling one foot from the finish line by making it so hard for our customers to sign. Thank you in advance for your time, consideration, and (hopefully) help!

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