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Replace File with Different Format

Right now, if you want to replace a file in HubSpot's file manager, you have to upload the exact same file type (e.g. can only replace a jpg file with a jpg file). Given the importance of new image formats like webP, I would like the ability to replace current image files (png/jpg) with differently formatted files.


Related note: If someone built an app for the HubSpot marketplace that allowed you to easily optimize (i.e. compress and replace) all of the images in your HubSpot file manager that appear on web/landing pages, I would pay for that experience.

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I am in the same situation.  I have several hundred large images in my HS blog that are throwing LCP issues (as reported by SEMRush and Ahrefs).


Right now, I've had a designer download 300 of them and convert them to WebP format.  Now the real work kicks in.  We have to replace the files in EACH and EVERY location where they are found on HS blog posts or landing pages.  The largest file is on about a dozen pages.


But there's more.  We have about a dozen blog posts (and their corresponding large hero images) pulling through to our main website (on Word Press) (example:  There again, the large files are throwing LCP errors on the main site, too.


It would be wonderful if there were any way to automate what proposes to be a very long and tedious project.



that would be incredibly helpful for us too! We, and I think many others soon too, are in the process of switching our files from jpeg and png to WebP. 
For that such a function is invaluable, since it will save you hours to days, depending on how many pictures you have to change.


I am exactly in the same situation. Having to optimize the page speed, getting LCP errors, having to switch the format of hundreds of images from jpg/png to WebP... And this problem does not only make the task much longer and more tedious, but it also causes the loss of ranking of the previous image that you were using. Please HubSpot, listen to our prayers! 🙏 😊