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Repeating Scoring Actions

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I would love the ability to have HubSpot Scoring actions have the ability to repeat! Currently if I want everytime a marketing email is opened to add +1 score, I need to do (simplified) emails open = 1 +1 score, emails open = 2 +1 score, emails open = 3 + 1 score, etc.... 


Ideally it would be nice if each scoring perameter had the option for "can this parameter be met multiple times?". This way I only have to physically write out the logic once instead of infinite amount of times. This also saves for viewing purposes. If I do the above logic 10 times for up to 10 emails, that is a lot of clutter taking up space in the window. A single item would clean this up a lot. 


Thank you in advance.


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Michael Collier

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Agreed! This has come up with multiple clients. Setting up the scoring by each email makes the scoring criteria cluttered and does not fully account for contacr engagement.


We need this too - we track our client meeting #s and need to be able to score based on how many meetings they've attended.