Reordering of Personas

It would be very beneficial to be able to reorder the display order of personas when you include them in a form (like you can with any other property field). Currently, you are stuck with the order in which you created them - and there's no disclaimer in that this is the only way it will display. As needs change and a persona becomes more valuable I'd like to ability to move it to the top so it's easier to find for our web visitors. The only solution is to make a similar field with the correct order of dropdowns and then tie it to assigning personas via workflows. It's kind of a cumbersome UI! 

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Need this for the same reasons. 

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there must be an easy solution to this - please let us know.

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I agree with my colleagues above. Campaigns target different sets of personas.

We want the ability to redorder the personas within the form to ensure the most important persona pops up at the top, within each campaign.

This feature is essential for larger clients who might have different subdivisions running different campaigns.


"The only solution is to make a similar field with the correct order of dropdowns and then tie it to assigning personas via workflows. It's kind of a cumbersome UI! "

Can you expand on that? How do you make a "similar field" that includes personas, without using the persona field we currently have in Hubspot?



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Our clients work in the senior living industry - so it's important for us to know who the person is in relation to the potential resident - all of our marketing personas revolve around this relationship. I created a 'dummy' persona contact property titled 'relationship to the potential resident' and listed out my personas as drop-down options. I use this on outward facing forms because I can reorder the choices at at will. Then, I create a workflow that says if a person selects X from 'relationship to the potential resident' form field then update contact property 'persona' to X. 


Does that make sense? 

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Thank you , Kaythryn!

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Yes, this feature, please. Post haste!

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It would be extremely helpful to be able to drag and drop to reorder the personas like you can with other dropdown lists.

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Agreed. There should be an option right on the Persona Property section to make a default order that would be used on all forms. It is great that they have added on forms to change the order, but that means we have to change the order on every single individual form which is super time consuming. 

Considering more personas are created later and may be more relevant, we should have the ability to move them around in the main property section.

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Yes please for us as well.

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Need this as well for the same reasons already mentioned. We didn't make the personas in a logical order and now it is a bad user experience hunting through the dropdown looking for the options that fit.


I noticed you can reorder the persona property once it is added to a form but that is only for that form and no other form that uses the persona field. And also that order gets reset to the "default" if you ever make a change to a persona. Very frustrating.

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I think this is the same thing I'm after. By persona, you just mean contacts, yeah?


If that's the case, need it for the same reason. 


We can have up to 20 contacts per company, I have the job title in the contacts so I can easily see the role of the people I'm emailing on the right hand side. 


I need my main contacts, i.e. "Marketing Manager" listed at the top instead of 6th in the list. We can also only see 5 as a default maximum, would be great to just have "View all 7 contacts" expand down on the same page, instead of going to a new page. 

I email out of HubSpot from the right hand side, and it's just a lot easier to be able to see the contact roles on the left side, to know who I'm emailing.