Renewable/Recurring Deals

Some deals are closed once, but are renewed every week, month or year without having to close them again. Therefore, it would be great to have renewable deals that are automatically shown in the dashboard as recurring revenue. 


This means we don't have to create a new deal each time and move it to the closed stage in order to show the closed amount in the performance dashboard Smiley Wink

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Apr 16, 2020

Apr 16, 2020

Hey HubSpot community,

Thanks for the feedback and for submitting this idea. While this is not yet in planning, we have put this on our radar to start designing. I will keep this idea post up to date as we make progress. 



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Mar 20, 2020

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Any update on this?

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Ours are enterprise so need recurring deals.  Even on auto-renewal there's still some action needed around contracts and a deal is the best anchor for that


Hey Hubspot team,

This request for you to develop the feature of recurring revenue has been pending for 2 years now. Please update us on your progress.

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What's the plan with this? Is it coming?

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Any progress on this?

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+1 - we are runnign a SaaS business and are yet to find anyone who can recommend us a best practice for how to handle recurring revenue inside hubspot. All we get back from various certified hubspot partners is that this is not what deals were designed for. We are therefore not able to use them for our business, neither as part of the sales process nor for reporting.


I hope hubspot is able to provide a solution soon.


Hi, I'm working in a coworking space and 99% of deals that we have are monthly memberships. I'm just setting up our sales reporting in Hubspot and was hoping that something like "recurring deals" would be available in free or starter sales pack because witohut it we won't be able to use Hubspot as much as we would like to. The option is available in the Enterprise sales pack which is 1200/month which is unacceptable for a company of 10 people.

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Hubspot is great for managing traditional once-off deals.


However, a lot of our deals are a recurring subscription type. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to manage monthly subscriptions of contacts under Deals. Furthermore, it would be great if it could handle subscriptions in different currencies.

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I have set up our account using the details described here, but we are still trying to solve a few problems:


1. We are using API between our app and HS and the HS-Stripe integration

2. When additional seats are added to the app, Stripe automatically adjusts the plan

3. How do we see / track this revenue in HS?  Should we have the additional seats first come in to HS then change the recurring revenue deal to inactive/reason=upgrade, duplicate the deal?  How does this scenario work with the HS / Stripe integration?


Thanks all.

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@ALEasterly I don't have Enterprise or Stripe, so I can't offer much help, but I was exploring the notion of cancelling a deal and creating a new one when a customer upgrades their licence, vs keeping the original deal and creating an incremental new deal for the additional recurring revenue. I settled on the latter, because I only want to report on the incremental increase as 'won' revenue in that month. If I re-created the entire deal, on the month I did that it would look like we won the full amount of recurring revenue, which isn't true - we only won the incremental.

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@charliepinker I have been looking into that same idea.  It seems like adding the incrimental increase into the deal amount, and the full recurring revenue into the created deal property called "recurring revenue amount" can also address the issue.  I am testing that out further today.  Question - do you have workflows you have created to automatically recreate the deal every month (or recurrence frequency)?  I would really like to see an example of how someone has that set up.

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I'm not recreating deals for each renewal, as our subscriptions renew monthly. I just have a field called "Active Status" against deals, and the MRR dashboard reports only include deals that are "Active", e.g. The initial deal + any incremental upsells.

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Disclaimer: I use Hubspot Professional

I work for a b2b saas business and this is how I've done it:

We handle reoccuring revenue/licences in a seperat Pipeline.  Upon signing a New logo deal the sales rep is requested to fill fields with contractual data etc. We then have a workflow that generates a deal defined by the data filled in by the sales rep.

this allows us to keep track of both new business, one off business and reocurring revenue. 

Happy to share more details upons request


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@ABie would love to have more details.  This sounds exactly like what we're trying to do.  Have you played with the new recurring revenue report in analytics?  Does your set up work in this scenario?


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I do not use the reoccuring revenue report and I have no clue if our setup enables you use it.  Please specify more precisly what parts I can help with and I'l do my best to assist. 

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How are you triggering the requirement for reps to add contract details when a contract is signed?

What does your workflow look like to create the deal in the recurring revenue pipeline?


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@ALEasterly :

1. required fields by pipeline stage. This can be found sameplace as where you define the pipline stages.

2. Create deal and copy fields through workflows triggered by deal entering won stage. Simply make a workflow that creates a deal in the recurring revenue pipeline once the deal enters 'won' stage. Copy the wanted fields from the original deal.

Not sure if that was very helpful but neither question should be hard to solve if you play around a bit.

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@ABie thanks!  this is helpful.

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For a company that built their business on SaaS companies, HubSpot has yet to figure out how we want to work with recurring revenue.


  • There is still no way to aggregate the Recurring values from Products.
  • There is still no way to aggregate the One-time values from Products.
  • Amount is still a preset property calculating One-time + Recurring.
  • There is still no way to set up separate sales quotas for recurring revenue.
  • There is still no good way to work with renewals.
  • ...I could go on...


Is this anything in your roadmap? When can we expect improvements?

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@Stattin I mentioned this above, but I've had some success aggregating recurring revenue by using calculated fields at account level. Calculated fields can filter based on a single property from another object, so you can use that to filter out all the deals (for example) you want to aggregate and then sum one of the fields. There are still plenty of limitations as you say, even with this method, but just thought I'd share in case it helps you.