Renewable/Recurring Deals

Some deals are closed once, but are renewed every week, month or year without having to close them again. Therefore, it would be great to have renewable deals that are automatically shown in the dashboard as recurring revenue. 


This means we don't have to create a new deal each time and move it to the closed stage in order to show the closed amount in the performance dashboard Smiley Wink

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 Yes please. Critical for agencies managing retainers and monthly revenue forecasts. 

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+1 for this - as @annaheyes says, it's mad that this doesn't exist already.


Also surprising seeing Hubspot is itself a SAAS company. I'd be interested to know how they track their own recurring revenue.

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I hear on the grape vine that HubSpot will soon adopt their own CRM internally so they are building it for be perfect for their needs. So my guess is that we will see this feature very soon. Fingers crossed this year. 

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HUBSPOT, can you please update us on whether this modification is even in your pipeline?  We have to make a decision on which CRM to use based on whether this will be a functional option in HUBSPOT or not.  Please provide an update.

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 This would be an extremely benefitial addition to HubSpot for our team to help make the hand-off between sales and account management go much more smoothly. As of right now, our account management team uses a whole separate system to keep track of customer contract renewals in addition to other customer information that doesn't get recorded in the CRM as soon as the deal is closed. Between recurring annual revenue and upgrades, it would be nice if there were a place in HubSpot CRM dedicated to Contacts and Companies AFTER they become customers. 

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Hello everyone !  Thanks for sharing your Ideas 


My client subscribe for a monthly report and can unscribe anytime so... this is also very VERY important for me to have a Monthly Recurrent Revenue Deal fonction !



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+1 here as well. Would be great to have!

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recurring deals for recording recurring payments is essentail for non-profit use.

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Yes please,

we are in an urgent need for this!



Carolen Ytander, Nexus

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Please do consider this for sure!  Part of my business is in websites, and that means recurring monthly revenue for us.  I just got started using HubSpot for CRM, and I really enjoy it, but this feature would make it a lot better.

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Yeah I'd like to see Hubspot make this a priority.  On the deal tickets I book it at say £1800 MRR. However, because it's a mixture of fixed and variable costs - the actual revenue might take some time to ramp up to that level. Therefore, I want to draw the actual revenue numbers we bill our customers each week and compare it with the figure we orignally booked. Ideally each deal closed would show how much revenue is that account generating each month. Surely you have to build this Hubspot? 

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Any news about this from the Hubspot team?

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Why is this not an obvious option?

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I can't seem to find the Hubspot solution for recurring revenue deals. A lot of our business is a set up fee plus a monthly recurring fee, and usually with a minimum term.


Given the move for most businesses to recurring revenue rather than once off sales, and something which Hubspot sells itself, I presume Hubspot uses it's own CRM for the sales process. Can you point me in the direction of how to note my sales for this type of business? 

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+1 here as well.

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@moonwebstrategy: Is there any update on this? Thanks in advance.

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This is essential. I cannot believe it doesn't exist. Retainers are such a fundamental sales element. What's the timeline on this in your dev roadmap please? Can't function for long with it.


IS there a workaround in the interim?

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@moonwebstrategy any news about this by the hubspot team?

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I was looking at the Deal Forecast dashboard and trying to figure out how I'd input future deals. The value of a deals is rarely known before I meet with a client, so I could create a deal when scheduling an appointment, but I usually wouldn't know the future income from it until the person pays me.


However, I have a number of recurring invoices, such as maintenance plans where customers pay a monthly subscription fee. I'd like to create these as recurring deals.