Renewable/Recurring Deals

Some deals are closed once, but are renewed every week, month or year without having to close them again. Therefore, it would be great to have renewable deals that are automatically shown in the dashboard as recurring revenue. 


This means we don't have to create a new deal each time and move it to the closed stage in order to show the closed amount in the performance dashboard Smiley Wink

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I definitely support this idea all the way - this is a feature that would be quite beneficial on my end.


We have recurring monthly revenue that differs from month to month (we do a bit of hourly priced work with fixed price), so this feature would be awesome for tracking CLV for each client as well.

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It would be useful in the CRM if a 12-month retainer deal was split up across the year to show revenue coming into the business each month. This has been a question from a client of mine who sells 12-month subscription software but I'm sure all us Agency Partners would find this very useful too. 


Is this in the product roadmap at all? 

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For our subscription-based business model, this feature is critical to reflect monthly revenue being received for annual subscriptions.

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I need this ASAP, I was looking for a CRM to handle my project sales, I found this and love it but the fact that I cant have renewable deals automatically was my only issue because I'm offering web services.


Please Hub team, I need this in my business. I love your platform and I dont want to search other.

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Really need this too! When selling a monthly subscription this software is - maybe not useless, but not far from it..

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I don't understand why this isn't already a thing. This is the first CRM I've ever used that doesn't have this feature and it seems like an absolutely basic feature to have.

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Agreed re addressing recurring revenue deals. As a company that sells marketing on our platform based on monthly recurring payments we need to be able to be able address initial sale and ongoing revenue payments.

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I fully support this. As a SaaS business running a subscription model and measuing MRR I've run into a challenge with using Hubspot to manage these relationships and ongoing subscriptions.


I've got around it by simply creating MRR fields for each Company - that way, once the deal is closed and they become a customer we have a record of their MRR.



If anyone comes accross this facing the same challenge, feel free to message me and I can explain in more detail to help you set it up too Smiley Happy

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+1 Any update on when this will be implemented?

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I am evaluating hubspot as a replacement for salesforce. The renewable deal or recurring revenue is a key requirement for me. When would this feature be added?