Renewable/Recurring Deals

Some deals are closed once, but are renewed every week, month or year without having to close them again. Therefore, it would be great to have renewable deals that are automatically shown in the dashboard as recurring revenue. 


This means we don't have to create a new deal each time and move it to the closed stage in order to show the closed amount in the performance dashboard Smiley Wink

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+1 I sell monthly subscriptions (billed bi-annually) it'd be good to see what the recurring revenue would be

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This is necessary!!

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Fixed/recurring deals should definitely be a feature!

If payments are actually coming in yearly, but the deal is not recurring, some of the dashboard reports are useless, as they are not showing the accurate revenue coming in the company.
At the same time, creating a new deal for a recurring one after a year, will make the "Closed amount" and Deal Forecasts useless, as they would show old recurring deals, instead of actually newly won deals.

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We have fixed individual deals as well as retainers, monthly management fees etc...


For us and others, a recurring monthly deal feature in Hubspot needs to be implemented.  So many businesses need this function from previous comments seen above and likely a huge amount of others who aren't on this forum.


Surely Hubspot has a development team who can get this actioned quickly?



I am also interested. I hope the Hubspot team may have a solution for that.

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I'm also hoping for this to get implemented soon.

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 Please add this feature!

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This doesn't solve things entirely, but as a SAAS business who has annual contracts, we created a workaround. This video shows how we have made the most out of the deal pipeline and workflows to make the process as automated as possible. 


I hope this helps, 



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@Dan1, this seems great for users who are paying for HubSpot Sales Professional. My pipeline for recurring deals is much simpler than yours and a similar workflow could work well for me. However, $400/month is way outside my price range and not worthwhile for access to workflows. I guess I'll stick to creating deals manually for now.

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+1 for recurring deals

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This is a major value detrator for us too. We would greatly appreciate the ability to include recurring revenue deals.

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This is would be great!

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We work with Hubspot and most of our deals are recurring. So currently we're not using the deal amount since it doesn't give us useful information. We'd like to have this feature built-in so we can take advatange of the reporting features too. 


Its such a common requirement to manage subscriptions and renewals which can be the same or different amounts.


having a simple way to duplicate the deal and set reminders ot process would be really helpful as the current manual process is laborious and prone to error.

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We could really use the ability for recurring revenue tracking. One-off sales is only part of our business.

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Does anybody see any downsides or problematic edge cases to creating a separate deal for each recurring installment? We are thinking of just using the API to automatically create and close a deal each time a monthly subscription payment is processed. Can anyone think of any unexpected results on reporting, or anything else? Thanks.

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RE: covalentcareers


I don't think so, as long as you create separate workflows (and properties) for each subscription level so that a deal for that month is created based on the subscription property level for that customer. So, if a customer upgrades/downgrades, they're enrolled in a different workflow for that month, and you don't risk losing the historical data of their previous monthly revenue (should it change). 

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It's incredibly frustrating that HubSpot doesn't support calculating Total Revenue for recurring-revenue businesses.


I should be able to calculate Total Revenue generated from a Company when I associate a Deal with it and associate a Product (with Price set to recurring) to the deal. HubSpot knows what the Price is, when the subscription started (Close Date or Most Recent Close Date) and how often it recurs.


The suggestion provided to me was to create individual Deals for every single time (monthly) we charge every single business. This doesn't seem to be the purpose of the Deals feature.

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Yes, please add this feature!

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HubSpot team any update on this or plans to implement? Date or release?