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Renaming a Facebook connection

I'm a HubSpot partner and I have a client who has an online e-commerce shop, but that brand has 177 subdepartments of shareholders. Their Facebook accounts we would like to connect the HubSpot portal. However, we cannot name the accounts as we want which makes it somewhat impossible to tell them apart.


I would like the option to rename a Facebook connection inthe HubSpot interface after it has been connected.

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We, too, would like to be able to rename our different Facebook pages on HubSpot. We are a franchise system that has 36 different locations. Unfortunately, we also have approx. 36 Facebook pages also. (We know! We know! We are trying to get it down to one. It's a political thing.)


Anyway, it is so hard and frustrating not being able to identify our Facebook pages by location on HubSpot. (Facebook doesn't allow us to change the names because there is a naming protocol for multiple accounts.) Being able to assign a nickname for each one on HubSpot, identifying its location so we could tell them apart, would be a tremendous help. 


Please, please figure out how to do this.


Thank you. 

HubSpot Product Team

We now have facebook locations in beta! Please DM me with your portal ID if you would like this feature.