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Renaming Column Headers

In the Object views (Contact, Company, Custom Objects) I'd love to be able to rename the columns without having to rename the properties themselves. 


For example, we have an object for "Services." In the object we have properties for the consulting hours they've purhcased and used, which then affect a calculated property for time remaining. The naming conventions are fine, but when I set up my view I'd love to change the column names so I can resize the columns. See example: 


I want to see Purchased, Used, Remaining without having to change the property names. 




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This could be helpful for a lot of properties, especially if your team wants to add emojis to the columns

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We are big emoji fans around here @Jnix284 🤩


+1 - The University of Tampa would like the ability to rename these columns for Associations. For example, we need to change this "Company (Vendor) → Contacts (Vendor Internal Contact)" to this "Vendor Internal Contact".