Rename Header Tabs

I have a charity client the does case work and want to the header tab details to relate to thier industry. 

As an example Comany would be referer and deals would be cases. 


This would stop the limitiatons of it looking purely like a sales tool and open up the market. 


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I set up HubSpot for my wife's fast food company where she works as the training manager. They use is to track training and development of their 100+ employees.  Although you can't rename the header, DEALS, you can customize all of the stages and properties. 


I have repurposed the deal stages to different positions in the company from New Hire to General Manager. The managers predominately use the mobile app version. They are able to add notes about different trainings they've done or conversations they have. Directors can create task for assitant managers and hold them accountable for training their teams. They are able to keep up with each employees skills by using a mutiple check box feature from properties for differnt categories that are important to their business. 


So although the headers are not ideal for what you want to use it for; if you are creative you can use it for almost anything you want.

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Thanks Jeremy,

Ive done as you said and I’ve changed the  stage names and named the pipeline cases instead but I do think be a nice touch to be able to change tabs for a non sales community.