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Removing Tracking URLs as a bulk



We have currently many marketing activities that are promoted by different channels. To present better reporting and assess the channel's promotion ability, we always use UTM or Tracking URLs. Therefore, we create lots of UTMs, but after a while, UTMs lost their significance because campaign is finished. 


To keep HubSpot clean and up to date, I always try to remove old UTMs, but it takes some time because I can't remove them as a bulk. For preventing removing one by one, my suggestion is we can add boxes left to the UTMs and we can select as many we want, after that, we can remove them. 


My recommendation is the same with the contacts list that we have boxes and we can delete them after selecting as many we want. This will reduce the time of HubSpot technical admins.


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Boxes that I meant:

Screen Shot 2022-03-23 at 10.36.45.png

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No one cares about Tracking URL cleaning 😞