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Removing HTML language from meeting description in Custom Report

I have come across various cases that when a customer creates a Custom Report that includes the properties "meeting description" or "notes", the report shows the HTML value for those properties instead of the actual text that was input in the app for the properties.


At the moment, it looks like this is expected behavior but I can appreciate the value it would create for users by having the prorperties show the actual values instead of HTML language. Is it possible to include it in the product scope for advancements ? 

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Would love to know if there are updates for this idea!


Not sure how or why this as expected behavior is acceptable.  Who wants to receive HTML in their notes when it's supposed to show as a string?  This is creating yet another barrier between my ability to make HubSpot our central platform and sales team adoption as they can't rely on hubspot for reporting and it forces a duplication of efforts.


It didnt use to be like this. Since some months, I have the same problem in my reports. Would appreciate if this is being changed.


I thought I was doing something wrong.  Glad (not glad) to know its just a bug.


Can we get this prioritized HubSpot?  Seems like a simple bug fix.


Please! I'm using meetings/notes across many companies and need to scale. I can't keep clicking into records one by one to get my aggregate view of activities complete with their details. 


Come on Hubspot, it's been nearly a year for this bug fix. We use reports to inform clients of our work, we can't send them with HTML tags in.