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Remove the maximum of only allowing 1000 custom properties

I was creating a form yesterday and suddenly had this message: 


"You have reached your custom property limit.

Please remove a property and try again."


I called support and they told me that one is only allowed 1000 custom properties per client. 


For all forms, for all time I have to go back to the 1000 custom properties that I have already created and choose which ones that I want to delete. Making that decision means that I have to investigate carefully where this property is used, which info it contains and make sure that I don't interrupt any workflows and that it is safe to delete it. Nor is it possible to delete it. Deleting it includes a second process where the contained data has to be removed before deleting it.


This is extremely time-consuming. It will be easier in the beginning to find more obvious properties that I can delete but the further I go in my landscape of the 1000 custom properties the more difficult it will be to find the obvious ones.


Yesterday I was also told that all clients have this maximum. Regardless of how many employees - all clients have a maximum of 1000 custom properties that can be used. Is that true?


I am a one-person company and I have consumed my ration. How quick will bigger corporations hit this roof?


In previous support calls about creating forms, the consequent suggestion is to not clone forms too much as it can create errors. So I have then added a lot of effort to make sure that all forms have unique custom properties to avoid these errors. 


Please tell me that I have misunderstood this.


Please remove directly this maximum level of custom properties. It's a legacy of a developers meeting that just had to end with a decision in order to proceed. Change that decision. It creates a very frustrating situation for your clients. I understand that the number of properties makes it more complex but I am rather convinced that this can be handled by Hubspot rather easy.


So, please, remove the maximum of only allowing 1000 custom properties





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With the abilility to add 10 custom objects - it seems like the 1000 custom object limit has become very restrictive. Not to mention if you're using HubSpot sales, service and marketing hubs. HubSpot should provide additional custom objects if you're the enterprise level in more than one hub, or if you're using custom objects. At the very least, the abilility to pay for an additional 1000 objects would be helpful.

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We are a partner that designs and delivers middleware solutions to connect HubSpot with over 30 applications, including popular ERPs which contain a lot of detail. Clients really thrive with HubSpot when all of their data is visible in one place. The properties limit is a challenge, especially per hub! Please consider providing an add on to increase the limit. 

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I totally agree with the above. My client is large enterprise (40k employees). Every country is like a separate entity with their own campaigns and property needs. We are continually fighting with that limit. We also tested the limit, HubSpot blocks the property editor when we went above 1100 properties (it was a bit more, don't remember exactly). We are now down to 900 after a time consuming cleanup. But it's only a matter of time before we reach that limit again. The limit should be increased for Enterprise customers. 


Completely agree, my client keeps insurance credential information that is unique for every state they serve. They're reached their limit fast in an effort to keep data crystal clear. They are a startup, with only a few hundred folks, this seems unreasonable.


Absolutely ridiculous limit. We've reached the limit in under 2 years with a relatively small company.


Truly needs to be updated. As an Enterprise client - there really should be no limits and if you have HubSpot as your foundation to your organization, 1000 custom properties is so easily to hit!


We really need this. We are scaling, which is the reason we went with Hubspot. Really hoping for a limit increase or at least the ability to purchase a limit increase

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Yes very painful

We have clients on Service Hub Enterprise and that the same. 

They have CSAT challenges and we can n ot help them