Remove the automatic "New Deal" from deals

When creating a deal from a contact record, Hubspot will automatically title it as the Company Name (great) and add "- New Deal" on to the deal name as well.   There is no way to configure the system so that it does not automatically do this.  


As we like to keep our company and deal names the exact same for uniformity, automatically adding the "New Deal" is something we are constantly having to delete.  I don't undertstand the reasoning for doing this as you can just runa filter if you want to see when a deal was created.  If you don't manually edit, then you can have a 3-month old deal that is titled "new".



- Just use the company name for the deal name if auto-populating.

- Allow us to specify a property field/token for the deal name

- Allow for custom copy for adding additional language onto an auto-pop deal name




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 Yasssss.  Please remove that default text.  Thanks @christourre

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Yes, remove it! I have to delete the text every time and luckily I am creating a lot of deals Smiley Happy

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Yes, the default text serves no purpose and we always end up deleting it here. 


Best case, it's a small waste of time for the sales rep...worst case, all that time adds up and keeps the rep from actually *working* their deals Smiley Happy

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I agree 100%! 


The default "New Deal" serves no purpose at all. Please think about the removal of the text.



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fully agree, please remove

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No response here from Hubspot. Another example how this system is bereft of simple logic in so many places.


Please remove this ASAP. It has absolutely NO value whatsoever, all it does is create work. Whoever coded this must have been a few branches short of a tree.

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1.5 year check-in.  Bueller?

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I would also like to see this setting turned off. Please work on removing this. 

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Please remove this feature! Our company removes the "New Deal" appendix but obviously we don't get them all, which leads to confusion when a deal is no longer new. 

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We echo the desire to have "New Deal" removed when creating a new deal.