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Remove option to assign conversation to Any User when moving between inboxes

When a user moves a Conversation to another Inbox, Hubspot is now applying a new default where the convo is assigned to "Any User." It takes a several clicks to scroll down, search, and select "No one" instead. Please make it possible to set "No one" as default and ideally to remove the "Any User" option.

Our different teams use different inboxes, and each have their own assignment rules and notification preferences. It is interfering with our processes to have other teams move conversations that get randomly assigned to any user. Some of our inbox users are there for viewing or FYI only, and having Hubspot assign conversations to them randomly is disruptive.

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Agree 100%


When conversation is moved from one conversation inbox to another, we would expect to behave same way as a new conversation - following the rules of the inbox it is moved into. If that destination inbox does not allow auto assigning conversations to the users, then the moved conversation should remain unssigned. Otheriwise, it can be easily missed if it auto assigned to random users.


this is soo needed!

As currently it is easy to miss the email, and happened that it was not replied to for a week!


I agree. This causes problems for our workflow also. Even if we could change the default option per inbox, we could at least select No one for each inbox.