Remove limit of 20 contacts/companies displayed when adding to deal

When adding a deal, we want to be able to see all the companies in the search boxes for contact and company. We have many clients that have multiple locations, and so multiple accounts in our CRM, i.e. A Client has 33 locations and 33 different companies in the CRM. When we go to create a deal for the company, we put in the name, and only 20 of the 33 companies show, which is an absolute pain, because then we have people creating new companies and doubling them up, or users having to associate the deal to a company by doing it from the deals view later, which is a time waster. The same applies for contacts, we might have 40 Mikes in out database, but only 20 show in the search area when adding a deal.

Please can this be fixed, so all show?

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