Remove form submissions for test contacts

I want to be able to remove "test" contacts from being counted as a lead.

If I'm testing a form, I want to see that the form went through and get the follow up email, but I don't want it to go in our email marketing system as a marketing qualified lead.

I want to be able to block email domains e.g. from my company name from a buyer's journey/customer life cycle stage.

Test contacts mess up metrics. And I work out of several office locations so filtering by IP address doesn't help.


Do I have to create a rule in workflows for this? 


This would be a really helpful feature to be able to define 'test contacts' in the system who won't count as leads. Thanks.

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Yes! Really need this feature!

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 Agree here. It's a necessary feature for accurate data reporting. I'm surprised that this isn't already an option - for QA purposes, there will always be people testing forms and those submissions skew the data and disrupt our organization's usage of HubSpot.

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 Agreed. This should be developed. This can heavily skew a campaign's numbers.

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My customer service team is hounding me for this ability to delete a submission. PLEASE HELP!

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+1. Would like to simply delete form submissions as outlined here.

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I agree we really need this.


Created a whole flow.. and it wouldn't make sense to duplicate the forms to have empty lists because then I have to retest again as I have to update some IDs to the lists..

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It's completely ridiculous that you don't have this feature. Even the most basic cheapo marketing apps have this. Come on guys. 

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This is a huge issue. Yes you can exclude your IP address, but if your company didnt do that, even deleting the lead doesn't solve the problem. 

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Upvoting! I agree with the above commenters, this should be a standard feature.

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Totally agree. This is a must-have function for every marketer as testing forms and things like GTM setup are essential and regular tasks.