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Remove form field properties from HubSpot meeting link descriptions

We have an issue where our customer meeting links are showing the properties we use as tokens in the meeting title.


For some unknown reason, these properties display randomly at the bottom of the meeting invitation in the customer's calendar invite.  HubSpot advised that these cannot currently be removed, nor can the way in which they display be modified.


Frankly, they make the invite look unprofessional and the placement looks random and unintentional (mainly because it is).


Anyone else looking for a solution here?

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Submitting on behalf of customer. 


The customer predominantly helps their customer to fill up the form fields of the meeting on behalf of them instead of sending the link to them to fill up and those are values they don't want them to see. 


Strongly agree with both of the above comments. I don't understand why it isn't optional. 

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Super upsetting that this isn't possible for any company that uses SDR.